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Web Services Essentials Books

.NET and J2EE Web Services: A Comparison [DOWNLOAD: PDF] by J. Jeffrey Hanson (Books) (Author)
Apache Jakarta-Tomcat by James Goodwill (Books)
Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter (Books)
Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET Web Services by Kennard Scribner (Books), et al
Architecting Web Services by William L. Oellermann Jr. (Books)
AXIS: Next Generation Java SOAP by Romin Irani (Books), S Jeelani Basha (Books)
Building XML Web Services for the Microsoft .NET Platform by Scott Short (Books)
Building Web Services and .NET Applications by Lonnie Wall (Books), Andrew Lader (Books)
Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI by Steve Graham (Books), et al
Capacity Planning for Web Services: Metrics, Models, and Methods by Daniel A. Menasce (Books), et al
Creating and Consuming Web Services in Visual Basic by Scott Seely (Books), et al
Java & XML, 2nd Edition: Solutions to Real-World Problems by Brett McLaughlin (Books)
Java Cookbook by Ian F. Darwin (Books)
Java P2P Unleashed: With JXTA, Web Services, XML, Jini, JavaSpaces, and J2EE by Robert Flenner (Books), et al
Java Web Services by David A. Chappell (Books), Tyler Jewell (Books)
 Java Web Services Unleashed by Robert J. Brunner (Books) (Editor), et al
JSP(TM) and XML: Integrating XML and Web Services in Your JSP Application by Casey Kochmer (Books), Erica Frandsen (Books)
MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET by Microsoft Corporation (Books) (Editor)
Microsoft .NET for Programmers by Fergal Grimes (Books)
Microsoft .NET XML Web Services by Robert Tabor (Books)
Network Security for Web Services [DOWNLOAD: PDF] by Whitney Hankison (Books) (Author)
Professional ASP.NET Web Services by Andreas Eide (Books), et al
Professional C# Web Services: Building .NET Web Services with ASP.NET and .NET Remoting by Andrew Krowczyk (Books), et al
Professional Java Web Services by Scott Cable (Books), et al
Programming .NET Web Services by Alex Ferrara (Books), Matthew MacDonald (Books)
Programming Python (2nd Edition) by Mark Lutz (Books)
Programming Web Services with Perl by Randy J. Ray (Books), Pavel Kulchenko (Books)
Programming Web Services with SOAP by James Snell (Books), et al
Programming Web Services with XML-RPC (O'Reilly Internet Series) by Simon St. Laurent (Books), et al
Sams Teach Yourself .NET XML Web Services in 24 Hours by Mark Augustyniak (Books), Chris Payne (Books)
Selling Web Services [DOWNLOAD: PDF] by Mike Clark (Books) (Author)
SOAP: Cross Platform Web Services Development Using XML by Scott Seely (Books), Kent Sharkey (Books)
Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services by Doug Kaye (Books)
Sun One Services (Professional Mindware) by Mark Watson (Books)
The Java Web Services Tutorial by Eric Armstrong (Books) (Editor), et al
UDDI, SOAP, and WSDL: The Web Services Specification Reference Book by Aaron E Walsh (Books) (Editor)
UDDI Based Electronic Marketplaces [DOWNLOAD: PDF] by Bilal Siddiqui (Books) (Author)
UDDI: Building Registry-based Web Services Solutions by Naresh Apte (Books), Toral Mehta (Books)
Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI by Eric Newcomer (Books)
XML and Web Services Unleashed by Ron Schmelzer (Books), et al
XML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution (Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series) by Frank P. Coyle (Books)
XML for ASP.NET Developers by Dan Wahlin (Books)
XML Web Services for ASP.NET by Bill Evjen (Books)
Visual Basic.NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide by Roger Jennings (Books)
Web Services: Building Blocks for Distributed Systems (With CD-ROM) by Graham Glass (Books)
Web Services and Application Frameworks (.NET and J2EE) [DOWNLOAD: PDF] by Gunjan Samtani (Books) (Author), Dimple Sadhwani (Books) (Author)
Web Services Development with Delphi (With CD-ROM) by Peter Darakhvelidze (Books), Eugene Markov (Books)
Web Services Essentials (O'Reilly XML) by Ethan Cerami (Books)
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