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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kits

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit by Microsoft Corporation (Editor) Paperback - 1808 pages Book & CD Rom edition (February 4, 2000) Microsoft Press; BUY IT! Book Description: This official Microsoft resource kit packs the authoritative technical information and tools IT professionals need to successfully deploy, manage, and maintain the Windows 2000 Professional operating system. Readers get exhaustive reference, in-depth detail, and timely insights for maximizing the productivity of their desktop environment from those who know the technology best-the Windows 2000 product group. The companion CD-ROM contains essential tools for deploying and supporting Windows 2000 Professional, including the Setup Manager and tools for administering Active Directory Services, along with a searchable electronic version of the text.
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 TCP/IP Protocols and Services Technical Reference by Thomas Lee, Lee Thomas, Joseph G. Davies
Hardcover - 576 pages 1 edition (January 5, 2000) Microsoft Press; BUY IT! Topics covered: The Internet protocol stack as Microsoft Windows 2000 implements it, with emphasis on address resolution, routing, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Internet Group Message Protocol (IGMP), IPv6, and TCP connections and data exchange (including errors and retransmissions). More Windows-specific material deals with Microsoft's implementation of DHCP, DNS, WINS, and tunneling protocols for virtual private networks (VPNs)

Microsoft Windows 2000:

Training Kits ~ Resource Kits: Professional | Server | TCP/IP Protocols and Services Technical Reference

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit by Microsoft Corporation (Editor) Paperback - 7296 pages Package edition (January 19, 2000) Microsoft Press;  BUY IT! Topics covered: Each book contains a great deal of information on its subject as listed below. The topics show breadth of coverage for each book and the CD-ROM, rather than simply listing all subjects covered. Security is not mentioned specifically since it is addressed throughout the kit.

Operations Guide: Disks, storage media, remote storage, types of file systems, network printing, network printing from non-Windows machines, performance monitoring, memory and caching, monitoring processor activity, examining and tuning disk performance, Dynamic Disks, monitoring network performance, measuring multiprocessor system activity, system recovery, designing reliable systems, backups, repair, recovery, restoration, troubleshooting, boot process, troubleshooting boot problems, Windows 2000 Stop Messages.

TCP/IP Core Networking Guide: Introduction to TCP/IP, Windows TCP/IP suite, NETBIOS, TCP/IP troubleshooting, TCP/IP tools, DHCP, WINS, Windows 2000 DNS, IPSec, Quality of Service, OSI Model, Windows 2000 Network Architecture, TCP/IP remote utilities, DHCP Options, SNMP.

Internetworking Guide: Unicast Routing, Routing and Remote Access Service, unicast IP routing, IP multicast support, IPX routing, Demand Dial Routing, Remote Access Server, Internet authentication service, virtual private networks, L2TP, PPTP, interoperability with IBM Host Systems, services for Unix, interoperability with NetWare, services for Macintosh, ATM, Telephony integration and conferencing, TAPI 3, NetBEUI, data link control, IBM SNA interoperability concepts.

The CD-ROM: Many tools, including migration tools, network troubleshooting tools, and more.

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