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Accounting with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Pro with Proper AccountingAccounting with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro with Proper Accounting by Gregory M. Doublas MBA, Gregory M. Doublas (Paperback - January 2001) Business leaders understand that to effectively manage a company, transactions and finances must be properly tracked and organized. QuickBooks with Proper Accounting is an indispensable guide to learning how to maximize use of QuickBooks, the market's leading accounting software. This book leads the QuickBooks user through step-by-step instructions of the software, clearly explaining the program's functions, applications and benefits. Practical examples are featured so learners can apply QuickBooks features to their business for more success! Sections include: special transactions such as prepayments and refunds; setting up payroll; using Accountants Review and other key functions; customizing forms and reports; and much more. * "Business Tips" section encompasses proper business practices. * Includes Accounting Quickhelp Table for tips on regular transactions. * Teaches how to generate and analyze reports for strong decision-making. * Provides in-depth understanding of accounting principles.
Using QuickBooks (and QuickBooks Pro) with Proper AccountingUsing QuickBooks (and QuickBooks Pro) with Proper Accounting by Gregory M. Doublas (Paperback - May 2000) A simple to understand book written in layman's terms. It describes, through step-by-step instruction, how to use QuickBooks-a very popular accounting software with nearly 3 million users, with proper accounting. What makes it unique is that it provides real life examples that the user can apply to his/her company's situation. For each example we provide, we explain the accounting, in very simple terms, so that the user understands what he/she is accomplishing in the background. Also, with the book comes two chart-of-accounts (to select from), an Item and Payroll Item lists that the user can download from our web site and use immediately. These lists can be extremely valuable to those that may be starting now. In this book, we also provide a Glossary of business and computer terms; our unique Accounting Quickhelp Table that allows users at a glance know how various business transactions must be recorded; an explanation of the financial statements and what to look for, and other key business reports and much, much more.  About the Author ~ Gregory M. Doublas: Has nearly twenty years of business experience in the areas of Management, Administration/Finance and Marketing. Nine of these twenty years have been devoted to starting and growing his company. Mr. Doublas is an experienced presenter. For the last eight years he has taught over twelve thousand business people via seminars he has held how to get the most out of computerization by using properly such popular accounting programs as One-Write Plus and QuickBooks.
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Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks (Books)
QuickBooks Consultant (Books)
QuickBooks with Proper Accounting (Books)
The Mastering QuickBooks Consultant's Reference GuideThe Mastering QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide by Douglas P. Sleeter (Paperback) At last... the definitive how-to guide for setting up, troubleshooting, and supporting QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro software! Written with accountants and consultants in mind as well as everyday users who want to completely master the software. In this comprehensive reference guide, QuickBooks expert Douglas Sleeter provides inside information that cannot be found in the manual, on-line help, or anywhere else! All examples and recommendations are carefully designed to result in proper accounting entries and detailed reports for management. Included with the book are sample files on diskette. From the Publisher: Clients are clear about one thing-QuickBooks savvy accountants and consultants are worth their weight in gold! Keep clients safe from competitors. Develop the QuickBooks expertise in your firm that will allow you to service existing clients and attract new ones! Throughout this book, you'll learn troubleshooting techniques designed to help you diagnose and quickly fix problems in your client's QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro files. You'll fast become the resource person your clients will demand! table of contents
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Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks Pro 2000 with Update for Pro 2001 by Janet Horne (Paperback)
Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks Pro 2000 by Karen Mitchell, et al
Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks Pro 2001 by Craig Savage, Karen Mitchell (Paperback - July 2001)
QuickBooks 2000 and 2001 CD Trainer Series by Secure Data Solutions (CD-ROM)
QuickBooks 2001 Classroom Manuals by Secure Data Solutions (Spiral-bound - May 2001)
Starting and Building Your Own Accounting Business, Third Edition by Jack Fox
Successful QuickBooks Software Consulting by Jim McCraigh, Douglas Sleeter
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