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Que & Sams Computer Books

Select titles on Linux from Macmillan (Que & Sams Computer Books). Topics covered include XFree86, Installation of OpenLinux, Linux For Beginners, GNU C++ for Linux, Java Programming on Linux.


Getting neophytes to jump on the Linux bandwagon is no easy sell unless the new user has access to a dependable and fairly thorough introductory Linux reference. Author Manuel Alberto Ricart supplies a clearly written introduction to this OS in The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinuxRead more

C++ Programming

Tom Swan's GNU C++ for Linux is for beginning and knowledgeable C++ programmers who want to learn programming for Linux using the GNU C++ compiler system. Focusing on C++ fundamentals and object-oriented programming techniques, and including a hands-on guide to X programming, this book provides a complete programmer's guide to GNU C++ for Linux. Read more

Getting Graphical

Aron Hsiao quickly acknowledges that XFree86, at the level he covers it in The Concise Guide to XFree86 for Linux, is outside the realm of what most Linux users (a group that's growing more mainstream all the time) will care to know. The XFree86 implementation of the X11R6 windowing system hasn't gone away, but it's shifted to the background as software products like the K Desktop Environment (KDE) and Gnome have matured.  Read more
Using Caldera OpenLinux as its test bed distribution, Linux: A Network Solution for Your Office explains the essentials of Linux installation, configuration, and management in a novice-oriented way. Though the author's approach lacks the detail you'd find in other Linux books (it may not prove helpful when exotic problems strike), this book will serve you well during a straight installation of OpenLinux. Read more

Linux Programming

The point of Java Programming on Linux is that while Java software generally looks the same from platform to platform--that's the glory of its portable nature--the tools for generating that software differ among operating systems. In this book, Nathan Meyers presents a comprehensive picture of the Java universe from the point of view of people who run Linux. Read more

Linux Security

Linux machines serve scores of purposes on networks, but their very integration with networked environments means they're constantly exposed to attack. Maximum Linux Security provides a comprehensive picture of Linux's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to protecting your systems from bad guys. Read more

Unleashed Series

Written by several members of the Debian development team, Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed does an excellent job of documenting the second most popular Linux distribution (according to most counts, Debian takes second place to Red Hat). The authors know that a large part of their audience (like the Linux user base as a whole) is coming to the operating system with only Microsoft Windows experience. Read more
Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed ships with its eponymous operating system on CD-ROM. Based on that fact alone, you're ahead of the game in terms of cost when you buy this book. Way ahead, in fact, considering that this book contains some of the best printed documentation of the Red Hat distribution around. Read more
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