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Computer Networking & Operating Systems
Certification Guides
A+ Certification Bible by Ed Tetz, et al ~ There will always be a commercial demand for people who aren't afraid to pull the covers from computers to replace components, make adjustments, and solve problems. Ditto for people who know how to configure device drivers and the other points of contact between operating systems and the hardware on which they run. A+ Certification Bible will help you prepare for and pass both CompTIA A+ exams (220-201 and 220-202), thereby earning the A+ certificate that will prove your hardware competence to customers and employers. This book's packed with easy-to-follow explanations, clear photographs and diagrams, and enough practice questions (with answers) to boost your confidence when you head into the exam room.
The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the Ten Domains of Computer Security by Ronald L. Krutz, et al ~ With the growing threat of computer viruses and Internet security breaches, companies are fiercely headhunting for CISSP certified security professionals. The industry standard test on IT security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) exam is administered 16 times per year throughout the U.S. and Europe. This book serves both as a prep guide for IT professionals seeking to advance their careers through CISSP certification and as a reference for readers who need a fundamental end-to-end security reference book.
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MCSE Clustering Using Advanced Server 2000 Exam Cram: Exam: 70-223 by Diana Bartley, Jarret W. Buse ~ Heaven forbid a server, performing complicated work and under heavy transaction load, should once in a while fall over. And perish the thought that you might want to do some maintenance work on such a machine. This is why we have clusters, and why Microsoft has seen fit to provide you with an elective MCSE exam you can take in order to prove your skill with clusters of Microsoft Windows 2000 machines. MCSE Clustering Using Advanced Server 2000 Exam Cram will help you review your knowledge of Windows 2000 clustering in the weeks and days leading up to your attempt at exam 70-223.
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Network+ Certification Training Kit, Second Edition by Microsoft Corporation (Editor) ~ The 2001 revision of the Network+ certification exam offered through CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, measures industry-standard knowledge of networking technology and practices for computer service technicians. And with the help of this competency-based, self-paced training kit, these beginning level IT professionals can advance their real-world expertise--as they prepare for the corresponding skill areas of the 2001 Network+ exam.

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Networking Red Hat Linux by Bill McCarty ~ Once the free operating system of choice for programmers and geeks, Linux has exploded onto the market and is being integrated into small and large companies as the network server of choice because of its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. Red Hat Linux is the top-selling Linux distribution in North America. Networking Red Hat Linux builds on the core concepts in Bill McCarty's first book, Learning Red Hat Linux. Readers learn how to install, configure, and manage a Red Hat-based network server to provide workstations on a LAN with access to the Internet and beyond.

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Networking Bestsellers
Hacking Exposed Windows 2000 (Hacking Exposed) by Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure ~ With a revised Microsoft operating system comes a revised set of security holes and means of attacking them. Hacking Exposed: Windows 2000 presents a snapshot of known Windows 2000 security weaknesses and the tools that have been developed to exploit them, in turn enabling system operators to mount better defenses. This book builds on and contributes to the small but respected Hacking Exposed series, giving network administrators a detailed picture of the threats their Windows 2000 machines face--and all the motivation they should need to install the latest patches right away.

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Expert One on One: Oracle by Thomas Kyte ~ Tom Kyte is of a rare breed. To begin with, he's technically expert in his subject (administration of and development of applications for Oracle database management systems). What's more (and what distinguishes him from the ranks of the super-competent), he is both able and willing to share his considerable store of wisdom with Oracle users via books like Expert One on One: Oracle. Perhaps the best book about Oracle products ever put out, this book is a model of all aspects of technical publishing: scope, level of detail, clarity of explanations, and quality of examples.

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Mastering Windows 2000 Server (Third Edition) by Mark Minasi, et al ~ Mark Minasi rocks the Casbah as far as Microsoft's enterprise operating systems are concerned--his books have been bestsellers for a long time, and deservedly so. Minasi's latest offering, Mastering Windows 2000 Server, upholds his tradition of technical accuracy and thoroughness, presented in a shell of pedagogical soundness. This heavy, hardback volume goes far beyond the usual feature-by-feature documentation. In addition to the how-to material, the book includes details (roughly, oh, a zillion of them) that clearly derive from experimentation and an exhaustive study of Microsoft's support databases.
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How to Build a Beowulf covers the essentials of today's "cheap supercomputing" that is available with off-the-shelf PC hardware running Linux. Filled with advice from the experts, this book is a working guide to the essentials of planning, installing, and running a Beowulf cluster.
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Visit our new Windows XP Resource Center to get the lowdown on this new operating system. We've got buying guides, books, compatible hardware, and, of course, free shipping on all Windows XP pre-orders. Find out if you're ready for Windows XP, compare the Home and Professional editions, see Windows XP-loaded PCs, and see all versions of Windows XP.
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 Protect the ones you love with money-saving rebates from Symantec. Now when you purchase Norton Internet Security 2002 or Norton SystemWorks 2002 with any version of Microsoft Windows XP or a Windows XP-ready PC, you'll get a manufacturer's mail-in rebate.

McAfee Firewall 3.0 from McAfee ~ Prevent hackers from stealing private information, block Trojan horses from taking control of your PC, and deny access to any number of dangerous intruders with McAfee Firewall 3.0. Featuring color-coded security alerts, detailed logging, and audible alerts to dangerous threats to your computer, Firewall 3.0 keeps your online experience safe, secure, and private.

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