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Handspring Visor Accessories

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Please note: Many of the items of this page were specially designed for the Visor Edge.
Handspring Visor Edge and Accessories
Handspring Visor Edge (Metallic Blue)
Handspring Visor Edge (Metallic Silver)
Handspring Visor Edge
The Visor Edge combines cool, modern design with all the organization and expansion we've come to expect from Handspring. It stands apart from the rest of Handspring's Palm OS-based handhelds with its ultra-thin design (a mere 0.44 inches), all-metal construction, and rechargeable battery (with charging/sync cradle). Features: 8 MB RAM stores thousands of addresses, appointments, to-do items, and more. Features address book, to-do list, memo pad, date book, advanced calculator, and world clock. Includes rechargeable battery and recharging USB docking cradle.  It's amazingly fast, rechargeable and 100% Palm compatible. Synchronize handheld data with PC or Mac via USB docking cradle; Serial HotSync Recharging Cradle available separately.
Handspring Visor Edge Detachable Springboard Adapter
Handspring Visor Edge HotSync Cable
Handspring Visor Edge Serial HotSync Recharging Cradle
Handspring Visor Edge Stylus (2-Pack)
Accessories - CONTINUED
Handspring Visor Edge Travel Charger
Handspring Visor Edge USB HotSync Recharging Cradle
Cases and Covers
Handspring Visor Edge Bi-fold Leather Case
Handspring Visor Edge Flip Cover (Metallic Blue)
Handspring Visor Edge Flip Cover (Metallic Red)
Handspring Visor Edge Flip Cover (Metallic Silver)
Handspring Visor Edge Hard Case (Metallic Silver)
Handspring Visor Edge Slim Leather Case
Handspring Visor Edge Zippered Leather Case
RhinoSkin Handspring Visor Edge Aluminum Slider Hardcase
RhinoSkin Handspring Visor Edge Titanium Slider Hardcase
Other SpringBoard Modules:
Springboard Modules for Handspring Visor
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