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Handspring Visor Books

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Handspring Visor for Dummies by Bill Dyszel (Paperback) Book Info: Offers timesaving tips for using this Palm OS device effectively. Discover how to use Visor's stylus and buttons, install new programs, connect to the Internet, create e-books, beam data to other Visor users, add plug-and-play accessories, and more. Softcover.
Handspring Visor : Visual QuickStart Guide by Jeff Carlson (Paperback)
Visor! I Didn't Know You Could Do That... (With CD-ROM) by Neil J. Salkind (Paperback)
The Practical PDA : Customize Your Palm or Handspring by Brian Proffitt (Paperback - August 2001)
2001 PDR Springboard Module for the Handspring Visor by Medical Economics Company (Hardcover)
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Handspring Visor Books

How to Do Everything with Your Visor by Dave Johnson, Rick Broida (Paperback) From the Back Cover: Get the most out of your new Visor™ or Visor™ Deluxe with this comprehensive, solutions-packed guidebook. Easy to follow and loaded with practical information, this resource will help you master built-in applications and become familiar with third-party tools, enhancing your Visor experience. Learn to use all the new features--including the Springboard™ slot, which expands functionality to include wireless communication, MP3 playback, digital photography, and more. Ideal for both beginners and experienced handheld users, this reference covers everything from basic set-up to advanced development tools that will allow you to create your own applications. Written by the authors of the best-selling title, How to Do Everything with Your Palm Handheld, this book offers you complete coverage of this popular handheld device! Inside, learn to: Manage multiple Visors and multiple computers
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook Visor Springboard Module by Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc. (Diskette) Book Info: The complete text of the softcover 14th edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook, listed week 35-1999, in electronic form. Formatted for Springboard and Springboard-compatible handheld devices. Features include a scroll bar, cross-references and footnotes, and user notes sections that allow the reader to add personal comments or text.
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