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Handspring Springboard Modules

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Top-Selling Springboard Modules

Magellan GPS Companion Springboard Module for Handspring Visor by Magellan. Magellan's GPS Companion is a 12-channel global positioning system receiver that attaches to the Handspring Visor handheld through the Visor's Springboard expansion port. The GPS Companion provides GPS navigation information and detailed street... See all GPS Springboard modules
Handspring Backup Springboard Module by Handspring
Eyemodule Digital Camera Springboard Module for Handspring Visor by Blocks Products
IntelliGolf Springboard Module for Handspring Visor by IntelliGolf
Franklin Merriam-Webster Dictionary Springboard Module by Franklin Electronics

Back It Up

Handspring Backup Springboard Module by Handspring. This Handspring backup module lets you back up the entire contents of your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe hand-held with one touch of a button. You can then remove the module and store it separately. The backup module is perfect for mobile users who don't have access to their desktop for...

Rock and Roll, Lock and Load

InnoGear MiniJam with 64MB Plus MP3 Player Springboard Module (Graphite) (Now with an extra 32MB) by InnoGear.Instantly transform your Handspring Visor into an MP3 player with the MiniJam Springboard module from InnoGear. Just drag-and-drop MP3 files from your desktop to the MiniJam using the included transfer program, then listen to CD-quality sound on your Visor--and you can even read e-books and view...


Franklin 2001 Physicians Desk Reference Springboard Module by Franklin Electronics. The Franklin Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) 2001 Springboard module provides the important FDA-approved drug information you need at the quick touch of your stylus. You can search by brand or generic name, or compare drugs within classes.
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Snap a Pic with Your Visor

Eyemodule Digital Camera Springboard Module for Handspring Visor by Blocks Products. Talk about instant gratification: attach the eyemodule to your Handspring Visor and you've got yourself a cool little digital camera. The eyemodule will capture photos in two sizes, in color or black and white, plus it can sync up with your Mac or... Read more
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