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Sony Clie Handhelds

Sony Clie PEG-C20
Sony Clie PDA (PEG-S320)Sony Clie PDA (PEG-S320) USB HotSync cable, stylus, AC adapter, and protective cover included. With Palm OS software v. 4.0S, the Clie provides access to everything from your Address Book & Calculator to your Date Book & To-Do List. Some handhelds stop there but not Sony. A built-in Video Player allows you to view digital images on the Backlit Monochrome Display & the Memory Stick Expansion Slot provides virtually unlimited storage.
Sony Clie PDA (PEG-N610C)Sony Clie PDA (PEG-N610C) USB HotSync Cradle, stylus, AC adapter, and protective cover included. With Palm OS software v. 4.0S, 8MB memory & Date Book, Address Book & To Do List functions, this personal digital assistant can juggle your busy life with ease. You can rest assured that the Clie won't run out of memory with the Memory Stick Expansion Slot, which means that you won't run out of storage space. And you can even watch video clips on the 320x320 hi-res color screen with the Built-in Video Player.
Sony Clie PEGN760C PDA
RhinoSkin Sony Clie Aluminum Slider HardcaseRhinoSkin Sony Clie Aluminum Slider Hardcase
SONY Clie Stylus 3-Pack (PEGAST500)SONY Clie Stylus 3-Pack (PEGAST500)
SONY Clie USB Cradle & AC Adapter (PEGAUC500)SONY Clie USB Cradle & AC Adapter (PEGAUC500)
Sony Leather Case for Clie PEGN Series
Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Sony ClieTargus Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Sony Clie. Full-size keyboard folds to fit in your pocket. Compatible with Sony Clie PEG-N610C, PEG-N710C, and PEG-S20 handhelds. Built-in dock eliminates tangle of cables. Special keys directly link you to Calendar, To Do List, Address Book, Memo, and many command buttons, such as Done, New, Details, and Cancel. 
Targus Universal PDA and Stowaway Keyboard Combo CaseTargus Universal PDA and Stowaway Keyboard Combo Case. Perfect for the Keyboard above and the Sony Clie.
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