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Portable Electronics and Accessories

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Drives & Mass Storage

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Portable Drives 
Desktop Compatible
Iomega 31197 Zip 100 Portable USB Drive (PC/Mac)
Iomega 13047 Jaz 2GB Portable Ultra Drive (PC/Mac)
Iomega 31756 Peerless 10 GB Disk
VST Technologies 6GB Portable FireWire Hard Drive (Graphite)
More Portable Drives

Portable Accessories

EXP Midi Traveler PCMCIA Midi W/ Game Port Force Feedback
EXP PCMCIA Connectivity Kit EIDE For CD-865 And Crw-726
EXP Portable Game Port PCMCIA2 Type II Plug-N-Play Joy Stick
EXP Thinfax 56L PCMCIA Modem Low Power 56K For Laptop/PDA
EXP Thinlan 120 Fast ENET PCMCIA 10/100MBs 10/100 RJ45 PNP
EXP Thinlan 100 Fast ENET PCMCIA 10BT/B2 Combo PNP
EXP Thinlan Fast ENET PCMCIA 10/ 100MBs 10/100 RJ45 PNP
EXP USB Directlink Data Transfer For 2 USB Hosts

Notebook Compatible

Amacom Baby Zip 100MB Portable PCMCIA Ultra Slim Drive 
EXP 12.0GB Hard Drive Portable USB Or PC Card HD Traveler E 12GB
EXP 24X Reader Portable PCMCIA Slim Portable Drive For Notebooks
EXP 24X Reader Portable Parallel Slim Portable Drive For Notebooks
EXP 24X Reader USB Portable Drive Slim Portable For Notebooks
EXP 32X/8X/4X Rewritable PCMCIA Portable CD-RW Station
EXP 20X/4X/4X Rewritable USB Portable External Drive
EXP Computer DVD-780 Portable DVD Player with PC Card for Notebook PC
Iomega PocketZip Dock For PCMCIA Drive W/ Pwr Cable Pwr Supply & USB Cable
Teac 24X Slimline CDRom PCMCIA Portable Drive For Notebooks
More Portable Drives for Notebooks

Portable Cases

Apricorn Portable Case For 2.5In Notebook Hard Drive
Case Logic PDC1 Portable Drive Case
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