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Pocket PC Books and Windows Ce Books

Pocket PC Books
How to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC and Handheld PC
The Pocket PC by Steve Seroshek (Paperback)
Pocket PC Clear & Simple by Craig Peacock (Paperback)
Pocket PC Developer's Guide by Bruce E. Krell Ph.D. (Paperback - August 2001)
Pocket PC Developer's Guide by Bruce E. Krell Ph.D. (Paperback - August 2001)
Pocket PCs for Dummies by Brian Underdahl (Paperback - January 2001)
Pocket PC Handbook by Dan Hanttula (Paperback - February 2001)
Pocket PC, Handheld PC Developer's Guide With Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic by Nick Grattan (Paperback)
Programming MSMQ On Pocket PC [E-BOOK: ADOBE READER] by Ken Rabold (Digital - November 2000)
The Unauthorized Guide to Pocket PC (Complete Idiot's Guide) by Michael Morrison (Paperback - 2000)
PaperPalm by Chronicle Books (Editor) Tired of being "connected" in the new electronic age? Get back to basics with PaperPalm, the new alternative to the electronic handheld device. With a pencil included, you'll have no trouble using this versatile organizer anytime, anywhere--even during takeoffs and landings.
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Windows Ce Books

Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE by James Y. Wilson, Aspi Havewala (Paperback)
Chris De Herrera's Windows CE: Maximizing Your Capabilities by Chris De Herrera (Paperback)
Inside Microsoft Windows Ce (Microsoft Programming Series) by John Murray (Paperback - September 1998)
Inside Microsoft Windows CE by John Murray (Paperback)
Essential Windows CE Application Programming by Robert Burdick (Paperback)
Introducing Microsoft Windows CE for the Handheld PC by Robert O'Hara (Paperback - May 1997)
PC in Your Pocket! : Information When You Need It : Best of the Hp Palmtop Paper by Ed Keefe (Editor), Ed Keele (Paperback - October 1996)
Pocket PC Game Programming : Using the Windows Ce Game Api by Jonathan S. Harbour, Andre' LaMothe (Paperback - May 2001)
Programming Windows CE by Douglas Boling (Paperback - October 1998)
Programming Microsoft Windows Ce by Douglas McConnaughey Boling (Hardcover - June 2001)
Windows CE 3.0 Application Programming (With CD-ROM) by Nick Grattan, et al (Paperback)
Windows CE Clear & Simple by Craig Peacock (Paperback - November 1999)
Windows CE Developer's Handbook by Terence A. Goggin, et al (Paperback - April 1999)
Microsoft Windows Ce Developer's Kit (Microsoft Professional Editions) by Microsoft Corporation (Editor) (Paperback - September 1999)
Windows CE 2 For Dummies by Jinjer L. Simon, Jinger L. Simon (Paperback)
Windows CE From the Ground Up by Jean Louis Gareau (Paperback)
Windows CE Programming from the Ground Up by Joseph Schmuller, Wendy Rinaldi (Editor) (Paperback)
Windows Ce Programming : Developing Applications for the Handheld PC by Jeff Baker (Paperback - December 1997)
The Windows CE Technology Tutorial: Windows Powered Solutions for the Developer by Chris Muench, Randolph Kath (Paperback)
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