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Palm Handhelds

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Palm VII & VIIx Cases, Cleaners & Kits

Palm VII Cleaners & Kits
CompanionLink PDA Screen Cleaner (815080004011) by CompanionLink. Two-step static-free cleansing system includes 12 moist cleaning cloths and 12 dry polishing cloths, plus a TrueTip finger stylus. Keeps the handheld's touch screen smooth and smudge free. Restores clarity and fills scratches.
CompanionLink Palm III/VII PDA Screen protector by CompanionLink. Clear overlays that fit directly over your handheld's screen, protecting it from scratches and smudges while reducing glare and improving handwriting recognition. 12 protectors, 1 application card
CompanionLink PDA Starter Kit - Palm by CompanionLink. Protects your handheld from scratches and smudges and reduce glare. 12 protectors, 12 screen cleaning kits, 3 comfortable TrueTip styluses, and a water-resistant nylon carrying case. For Handspring, Palm III, V, VII and m100 series.
Fellowes 98021 PDA Survival Kit by Fellowes
Fellowes 98022 PDA Screen Clean by Fellowes

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Palm VII Cases
Case Logic Palm VII Leather Case by Case Logic
LandWare Case for GoType Keyboards by LandWare
Palm PalmGlove Neoprene Case for Palm III (Black) by Palm
Palm PalmGlove Neoprene Case for Palm VII & III (Olive) by Palm
Palm PalmGlove Neoprene Case for Palm VII & III (Royal Blue) by Palm
Palm PalmGlove Neoprene Case for Palm VII & III (Teal) by Palm
Palm VII Slim Leather Carrying Case by Palm
Revolve Design Universal Mount Kit for Palm VII, III, and Pilot by Revolve Design
RhinoSkin Ti Slider for Palm VII by RhinoSkin
Targus Universal Leather Case for Palm VII by Targus

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