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Introducing the Palm m105 HandheldEditorial Review from Amazon.com
Palm m105 HandheldPalm m105 Handheld by PALM. The Palm m105 comes with a serial HotSync cradle, a stylus, a protective flip-cover, two AAA alkaline batteries, and a CD-ROM with Palm Desktop and AvantGo software and a link to Microsoft Outlook.
Product Description: With 8 MB of memory, a HotSync cradle, and the bundled Mobile Internet Kit software, the sleek, rounded Palm m105 handheld offers lots of computing power and versatility. The m105 handheld allows you to use powerful applications and store hundreds of memos, appointments, addresses, and to-do items. You can back up data with your PC or Macintosh in seconds with the included HotSync cradle. And it works with all the same accessories as the Palm m100 handheld--including keyboard, digital camera, and an array of color faceplates.
Palm Portable Keyboard for Palm III, VII and m100 Series Handhelds
The Palm m105 handheld comes with Palm's classic information management applications, including Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad. You can also jot down notes quickly using the Notepad feature, which works like an electronic sticky note. It is equipped with an infrared beam to instantly exchange and store information--such as business card data--at the touch of a button. It has a backlit display for easy readability.
The Palm Mobile Internet Kit software is also included, allowing you to use your Palm handheld in combination with a mobile phone or modem to wirelessly access the Internet and check e-mail. You can also access AOL Mail and Messenger accounts. To connect, you must have a data-enabled mobile phone or modem using a cable or infrared. To see a list of compatible phones, click here.
The Palm m105 handheld ships with desktop and HotSync software for both PC and Macintosh systems. The HotSync cradle connects to your PC's serial port. To connect to a PC or Mac using USB, you will need to order the optional Palm PalmConnect USB Kit. Additionally, if you have an older Mac with a modem or printer port connection, you will need to order the optional PalmConnect Serial Kit. And be sure to check out the 14 new faceplate colors
Palm handhelds have succeeded because they're small and lightweight but hold a surprisingly large amount of personal data. The Palm m105 handheld expands on those essential features by offering an organizer that's smaller and lighter (4.4 ounces) than most others while remaining packed with 8 MB of memory, so it can do much more than just store your calendar or addresses. The m105 is also one of the most comfortable Palm devices we've held--its distinctive curved bottom rests comfortably in the palm.Like other Palm devices, the m105 includes an infrared port for beaming data to other handhelds, and it features a high-contrast screen with optional backlighting for low-light situations. At 2 inches square, the screen is slightly smaller than those on most Palm organizers. We noticed the difference since we've been using Palm handhelds for some time, but the m105 retains the same 160-by-160-pixel resolution, so this probably won't be a distraction for most users.
Kodak PalmPix Digital Camera for Palm m100
However, unlike other Palm handhelds, the m100 series includes two special applications. The Clock displays the date and time if you simply push the top scroll button on the front, even when the device is off. (It can also be viewed through a window in the cover.) And with the Note Pad, we could write notes or draw pictures directly on the screen without having to write in Graffiti, Palm's character-recognition language.
With more memory, the m105 can now hold more software--and Palm has provided a range of possibilities on the accompanying CD-ROM. Palm's Mobile Internet Kit, normally sold separately, is a software collection that allows the m105 to communicate via infrared link with a GSM cellular phone (such as the Nokia 8290). The kit includes MultiMail Pro software for managing e-mail, programs for SMS text messaging and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) browsing, and software for accessing Web Clipping data over the Palm.net network (the same service used for the wireless Palm VIIx). Also included on the CD-ROM is the AvantGo Web browser and a client for connecting to AOL.
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