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Other Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and Handhelds

New Releases : PDAs & Gadgets

Vadem Clio C-1000 PC Companion by Vadem

Franklin Rolodex

Franklin Rolodex RF384k Organizer with 384kb Memory by Franklin Rolodex
Franklin Rolodex RF1000 Organizer with 1MB Memory by Franklin Rolodex
Garmin eMap
Garmin eMap Deluxe with MetroGuide CD-ROM by Garmin. The size of a small, flat calculator, the powerful Garmin eMap contains a 12-parallel-channel global positioning system receiver and weighs a mere 6 ounces.


Memorex Portable Keychain Organizer by Memorex

Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific ECHO PDA by Oregon Scientific


Palm m100 HandheldGet your Palm Pilots here

PDA Buying Guide


More Handhelds & PDAs Specials


Seiko DF4022CS World Travel Alarm and Organizer by Seiko


Sharp TM-20 TelMail E-Mail Organizer by Sharp
Sharp VLAH30U 3" Hi 8 LCD Screen ViewCam by Sharp
Sharp OZ-750PC Personal Information Electronic Organizer by Sharp
Sharp Mobilon TriPad PV-6000 Handheld PC by Sharp

Sharp VLA10U 3" Color LCD ViewCam by Sharp

Sharp VNEZ1 MPEG-4 Internet Viewcam by Sharp

Sharp YO-190P Memo Master by Sharp

Sharp YO-520P Memo Master by Sharp

VTech Helio

VTech Helio Handheld PDA (Metallic Blue) by VTech Helio
VTech Helio Handheld PDA (Translucent Blue) by VTech Helio
VTech Helio Handheld PDA (Pearlized Pink) by VTech Helio


Vivonic Fitness Planner Mini Handheld by Vivonic
Vivonic Fitness Planner by Vivonic (CD-ROM) for Windows 95 / 98 / Me ~ Free online resources, sample workout plans, and quick-start guide
Vivonic Fitness Planner for PalmVivonic Fitness Planner Software for Palm by Vivonic (CD-ROM) for PDA
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