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Hand-Held Scanners
C Pen 200 Handheld Scanner by C Pen in Electronics
C Pen 600 Handheld Scanner by C Pen in Electronics
C Pen 800 Handheld Scanner by C Pen in Electronics
C Pen Leather Carrying Case for the CPen 200 and CPen 600 by C Pen in Electronics
CardScan Executive 600c V6 Business Card Scannerby CardScan in Electronics ~ CardScan synchronizes with your Palm organizer, Windows CE device, and most digital mobile phones. AutoSync with Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, and many other contact managers. Includes CardScan Version 6.0 software and USB connection.
CardScan Office 600c V6 Business Card Scannerby CardScan in Electronics
More Handheld Scanner in Electronics
Casio FREEDIO Portable Handheld Printer by Casio in Electronics
Casio FREEDIO Portable Handheld Scanner by Casio in Electronics
Extended Systems DC051013 C Pen Infrared Serial Adapter by Extended Systems in Electronics
Uniden BC245XLT Handheld Scanner by Uniden in Electronics
Visioneer StrobePro5 D-MU Scanner by Visioneer in Electronics
Wizcom QL-1000 Quicklink Handheld Scanner by Wizcom in Electronics ~ Fully portable handheld pen scanner, Scans full lines of text in 8 languages, Stores up to 1,000 pages of text, Enables you to transfer text to PC, laptop, PDA, or cellular phone, Memory upgrades available. See more technical details
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