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Broadband Products

Best Data Products Smart One High Speed Broadband Cable Modem. Other products by Best Data Products
D-Link DI-711 Broadband IEEE 802.11B Wireless Gateway  by D-Link
D-Link DI-713P Wireless Broadband Router and Access Point w/3-Port Switch by D-Link. The D-Link DI-713P is a broadband IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless gateway. It provides the ability to share a broadband connection as well as a print server function. You can share a DSL or cable modem connection through its three local 10/100 Ethernet ports or via its integrated Wireless IEEE 802.11b component. The DI-713P is equipped with a bidirectional LPT port to support a direct printer connection. Its integrated router and firewall provide NAT, DHCP, and packet filtering services between the local network and the Internet. Click here for the manufacturer's rebate coupon.
D-Link DI-714 Wireless 802.11B Broadband/DSL Router and Access Point with 4PT Switch by D-Link
More Broadband Products
D-Link DI-804 Broadband Gateway w/4-Port Switchby D-Link. Complete hardware firewall protection for the PC. Product Description: Ideal for your networked home or small business, the D-Link DI-804 offers four fast Ethernet ports (switched 10/100) through which up to 253 computers can simultaneously connect to the Internet using the same ISP account. This is made possible by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) technology, which dynamically allocates IP addresses for each client {computer}. The DI-804 also provides hardware firewall security between your network and the Internet. The DI-804 supports any Ethernet device, multiple machine types, all conventional operating systems, and server/client/relay. Plus, with its easy Web configuration, you'll have it set up and running in no time.
Linksys HomeLink Broadband Network Bridge by Linksys
SMC Networks SMC7004AWBR Barricade Wireless Broadband Routerby SMC Networks
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