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Yoga Calendars
Donals Wenig
Marsha Wenig
Pomegranate (Calendars)
Tide-Mark Press (Calendars)
More Yoga Calendars
Exercise Hits

VHS Yoga Titles

Shape Fitness Music - Walk 1 ~ Various Artists
8 Minute Buns with 8 Minute Thighs ~ VHS ~ Jaime Brenkus
10-Minute Solution - 10 Minute Workouts to Shape Your Whole Body ~ VHS
Basic Yoga Workout For Dummies ~ VHS
Bellydance Fitness for Beginners - Arms Abs Hips Buns & Thighs
Bellydance Fitness for Beginners - Basic Moves & Fat Burning
Crunch - Fat Burning Yoga ~ VHS
Culture Shock: the Hip Hop WorkOut ~ VHS ~ Fresh, street-smart, hip hop choriography brought to you by Culture Shock's professional dancers for a cardio-workout experience! Culture Shock Dance Troupe's Inc., is a professional Hip Hop dance company and non-profit youth outreach organization committed to promoting, supporting and cultivating Hip Hop dance artists across the globe. Their mission: "We are a troupe of individualsl, who through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity and respect for all people.
Denise Austin - Pilates for Every Body ~ VHS ~ Denise Austin
Fat Burning Workout For Dummies ~ VHS ~ For Dummies
Hip Hop Body Shop on VHS
Kathy Smith - Pilates for Abs ~ VHS ~ Kathy Smith
Learn To Dance : Go Fatima ! (1999) on VHS ~ Go Fatima
Living Yoga - A.M./P.M. Yoga for Beginners Set ~ VHS
MTV Grind Workout: Hip-Hop Aerobics (1995) on VHS ~ Mtv-Grind Workout
Prenatal Yoga ~ VHS
Pilates - Mat Based Workout for Beginners ~ VHS
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Tae-Bo Workout (4 Pack) ~ VHS
TaeBo II: Get Ripped Advanced Workout ~ Tae-Bo 2 2pak
TaeBo II: Get Ripped Basic Workout ~ Tae-Bo 2 2pak
TaeBo II: Get Ripped Instructional/Get Started ~ Tae-Bo 2 2pak

DVD Yoga Titles

8 Minute Abs & Arms ~ DVD ~ Eight Minute Workout
The Last Waltz ~ DVD ~ Robbie Robertson
Yoga for Dummies ~ DVD
Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back ~ Yoga Zone~ DVD
Yoga Sculpting for Beginners ~ Yoga Zone~ DVD
Hagiwara Sys-Com Step Keeper Springboard module for HANDSPRING VISORS
Handspring Visors

VHS Yoga Titles  - continued

The New York City Ballet WorkoutThe New York City Ballet Workout ~ VHS
VHS > Fitness > General
VHS > Genres > Special Interests > General Outlet > Video Outlet > Fitness
VHS > Today's Deals in Video > Fitness
VHS > Fitness > General
VHS > Fitness > By Body Part > Abs
VHS > Fitness > By Body Part > Arms
VHS > Fitness > Series > 8 Minute Workout
Essential Techniques for Mandolin ~ VHS

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