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Dual Force Racing Wheel & Pedals by Mad Catz ~ If you're a fan of racing games, you'll love the enhanced experience that a racing-wheel controller brings to your games. The Dual Force Racing Wheel offers a sleek black steering wheel, built-in gearshift controller, and a set of foot pedals for braking and accelerating. Best of all, this unit is ready to plug into your PlayStation or Nintendo 64--right out of the box.
Video Matic Game System Organizer by A.L.S. Industries ~   The Video Matic Game Organizer is the perfect way to store your discs and instruction booklets, and it also protects them from dust and spills, while it keeps them out of sight from younger kids and pets that are attracted to shiny objects.


Ape Escape by Sony Computer Entertainment ~ When a circus monkey gets a hold of a prototype helmet that renders him an evil monkey genius, it's your job to capture his monkey minions and thwart his goofy plot. "Ape Escape," which was released back in 1999, is still popular, thanks to great word of mouth and quite a number of five-star customer reviews. 
Final Fantasy IX by SquareSoft ~ One of the year's most anticipated video games is coming! In Final Fantasy IX, you'll lead a group of bandits, knights, and magicians against Brahne, the evil Queen of Alexandria, who's using highly advanced magical weapons to terrorize neighboring kingdoms.
Blade by Activision (CD-ROM) PlayStation
Final Fantasy Anthology by SquareSoft ~ Back by popular demand! Final Fantasy Anthology showcases two installments of SquareSoft's wildly popular role-playing-game (RPG) series--games that were never available individually in North America. Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI both are straight Super Nintendo conversions, so their 2-D graphics and 16-bit sounds admittedly are subpar by PlayStation standards. However, SquareSoft has added brand-new, beautifully animated movies for both titles and given Final Fantasy VI the star treatment that it deserves by adding a bonus mode in which gamers can access loads of supplementary material.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature by Natsumi ~ Instead of blasting aliens or scoring touchdowns, players plant seeds, care for crops, interact with villagers, and search for a mate. This role-playing game features gameplay that's nonlinear and in real-time. To help your ranch become successful, befriend the Harvest Sprites. You can attend festivals, interact with more than 50 characters, and compete in events like Chicken Sumo and an annual Town Tomato Fight.
Jungle Book: Rhythm and Groove with Bonus Pack
The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure by Activision ~ Simba's rite of passage from princely cub to king of the jungle is documented on the PlayStation with Disney's "The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure." In this 3-D adventure, players will take Simba through 10 levels--avoiding treacherous jungle obstacles and besting other beasts. Each level that Simba completes gets him closer to the throne, as he collects paw points and other items that signal his progress.

Games -- Continued

Star Trek: Invasion by Activision (CD-ROM) PlayStation
Mary-Kate and Ashley's Magical Mystery Mall by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. ~ Mary-Kate and Ashley find themselves on a magical journey as they venture through a mysterious mall that's filled with fun and surprises. From creating your own music video to putting on your very own fashion show, every store offers you an adventure. But, more than just shop, the Olsen girls also get a job in the food court, where they have to feed all of the hungry patrons before they lose their patience and take their business to the diner down the block.
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX by Activision ~ Tony Hawk fans, take notice! "Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX" uses an enhanced version of the same Neversoft engine (which means a wide range of motion, excellent graphics, and hundreds trick combos) that's used in nearly everyone's favorite extreme-sports series, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater." The game features 10-time World Vert Champion Mat Hoffman and seven other top BMX pros, as well as realistic BMX physics, two-player competitions, a course editor, and street, dirt, and vert tracks.
Medal of Honor Underground by Electronic Arts ~ Medal of Honor Underground is a prequel to the successful Medal of Honor. You play as Manon, a young French girl who's recruited by the French Resistance to fight against the coming German onslaught. The Nazis will use suppressive firing, squad tactics, tanks, half-tracks, and motorcycles to try to stop you. The game features 22 levels, spread throughout seven missions, and features 12 authentic weapons, including the pistol crossbow and the Panzerfaust.

NCAA March Madness 2001 by EA Sports ~ "NCAA March Madness 2001," an installment in EA Sports' NCAA basketball series, features many improvements over previous versions. A new coach mode allows players to begin a career with a small college, and advance to a Tournament-quality team. The game boasts 150 men's Division I teams, 16 women's Division I teams, and 20 historical men's teams from which players can choose. Also, dynasty mode is back, and includes more options; also, the offensive and defensive playbooks have been expanded.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon by Sony Computer Entertainment ~ Spyro's back for his third PlayStation adventure. Jump down the rabbit hole to recover all of the eggs that have been stolen from Dragon World by the evil sorceress and her henchmen. The cartoonish look, goofy sounds, and scavenger-hunt gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's adventured with Spyro before. New to the series is the ability to play as Sheila, the kangaroo; Sergeant Byrd, the flying penguin; Bentley, the Yeti; and Agent 9, the space monkey.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear by Ubi Soft ~ In "Rogue Spear," the sequel to the popular "Rainbow Six" series of games from the PC and other platforms, players assume command of an elite counterterrorist group, and guide them through a dynamic campaign that's filled with 16 nerve-racking missions, such as rescuing hostages. The game incorporates as many strategy elements as first-person shooter targets, with newly designed, 3-D planning phase central to the gameplay.
The World Is Not Enough by Electronic Arts ~ Playing as James Bond, you'll accomplish mission objectives that are based on the settings and plot of the MGM feature film. Use your license to kill--and an assortment of Q-created weapons (cuff-link lasers!)--to put down any bad guy in your sights. Ski, drive, and run through 10 different single-player missions. The game features two levels of difficulty that surely will present a challenge, even to double agents.
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