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 Sega Dreamcast
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Concept 4 Racing Wheel byInterAct; If you really enjoy racing games in the arcade, but find the console versions lacking, probably you're trying to drive with a joystick. You'll be surprised by the difference that this wheel, with its detached, spring-action foot pedals, brings to games like Ferrari 355, Sega GT, and Metropolis Street Racer


Crazy Taxiby Sega of America ~ First, it was an arcade sensation; then, it was a huge home game. Months later, Crazy Taxi still is holding solid ground on our sales chart. Its meticulously recreated San Francisco might be one reason that players are floored by this title, but we think that it has more to do with the zany, get-there-any-way-you-can gameplay that keeps it clicking on our list.
The Grinch byKonami. In this third-person action-adventure game--which is based, in part, on the new live-action film--you play the role of the Mean One himself. Embark on a quest through 24 missions, from Whoville to an underwater world, and across four Seussian environments with three minigames and a bonus level. Players collect and assemble a variety of gadgets, such as the rotten-egg launcher, the slime shooter, bad breath, and the GrinchCopter. 
Half-Life byHavas. In Half-Life, a conversion of the award-winning first-person shooter for the PC, you play a scientist who's trapped in a secret underground lab after a high-energy physics experiment has gone bad. Your job is to explore the ruined complex, rescue fellow scientists, and wipe out extradimensional aliens. Watch your back, however: shadowy government agents would prefer seeing you dead over letting their project be exposed to the world.

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Heroes of Might and Magic III by Ubi Soft. Looking to restore your queen's rightful reign, you'll command an army of heroes and fierce creatures in turn-based medieval campaigns. Use both brute force and sorcery to push your foes out of the villages, and keep the pretenders away from the throne.
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)by Mel Odom. If you're serious about taking Raziel's former mentor, Kain, to the mat, it'd be a good idea for you to prepare. In Prima's official strategy guide, you'll get details on all of the enemies that Kain will send your way, as well as combat strategies, tips on spectral shifting, and--for when you're really stuck--solutions to all of the game's puzzles.
Shenmue by Sega of America ~ Shenmue, a genre-busting work, promises to be transcendent for both its beauty and its innovative gameplay. In a convergence of role-playing, fighting, and adventure elements, you play as Ryo, a young man who's come home to witness his father being beaten fatally by thugs. This event immediately sparks in him both a quest for revenge and an investigation into the mysterious jade amulet that the thugs stole. But every quest needs financing, and there's plenty of minigame-style ways to get the cash to carry on--from forklift driving to casino gambling.
Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear by Majesco Sales. Assume command of an elite counterterrorist group, and guide it through a dynamic campaign that's filled with more than 20 nerve-racking missions, such as rescuing hostages from a museum and infiltrating a hijacked airliner. As much a strategy game as a first-person shooter, this one requires good planning for saving lives: you'll have to delegate routes and duties to each team member by using detailed, animated maps.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2byActivision. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 builds on the addictive gameplay of the original by adding many new tricks and features. The idea is still to perform complicated tricks for points, and you can still ride as Tony or any of an expanded roster of pros in the new game. Now, however, you can create your own skaters from scratch, and create your own ideal skate park by instantly building ramps, rails, pipes, and other challenging obstacles. 

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