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Case Logic CBV2 Nylon Camcorder Bag by Case Logic. Need to carry a range of accessories with your camcorder? The Case Logic CBV2 is a good choice. The durable nylon bag features heavily padded dividers and walls, letting your equipment nestle snuggly without fear of damage. Zippered pockets to carry accessories--anything from tapes to cables--abound. A shoulder strap helps you carry the fully loaded bag. See all Case Logic bags.
Camcorder Accessories

Cases and Bags

Samsonite Worldproof 4.1 Blue/Black Compact Camcorder Bag by Samsonite
Samsonite Worldproof 4.3 Blue/Black Mid-Size Camcorder Bag by Samsonite

Blank Tapes

Fuji DVC-M60 Digital Videocassette by Fuji
Fuji Pro ST-120 S-VHS by Fuji
Fuji ProTC30 2pk VHS-C by Fuji


Vivitar V-2200GX Video/Photo TripodVivitar V-2200GX Video/Photo Tripod  by Vivitar
Velbon CX-570 Deluxe Photographic/Video Tripod  by Velbon

Prevent Shaky-Camera Syndrome

Having trouble getting steady footage? Unless you want to plunk down money for a camcorder with image stabilization, the only way to go for steady, shake-free footage is a tripod. We carry a number of them, from portable monopods to ultrahigh-end carbon fiber tripods. Check out all our tripods.
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