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Both Sides of The Fence (Urban Renaissance) by M.T. Pope ~ Take a story where everyone has secrets, and then mix that together with explosive sex and a dash of the painful truth, and the outcome can only be disaster. Heads will roll as Shawn's faithfulness, love, sexuality, and family structure are tested to the very shocking end. Be warned: this is not your average down-low book. ~ More Urban Renaissance
BreatheBreathe by Blair R. Poole (Nov 1, 2005) ~ Paperback ~ the story of a teenage boy's struggle to keep his sexuality a secret from his devout religious family and homophobic friends. Breathe, which is set against the backdrop of contemporary city life and hip-hop culture, is written with a passion and verve reminiscent of James Earl Hardy. A realistic portrayal of the isolation, angst, and mental turmoil of a young African-American male coping with his sexuality, Breathe is a magnificent work of American fiction. Blair R. Poole's prose undoubtedly leaves you anxiously turning the pages to find out the protagonist's Fate. And, after you read it, you'll truly want to Breathe!
Deception, Lies & TruthDeception, Lies & Truth by Dwayne Vernon (May 27, 2009) ~ Paperback ~ Will prison life change Daunte, and can his relationship with Mia survive after his rape in prison? Reese has a promising NFL career and loving relationship with Mike. Now the fact that he's gay is out, will that destroy everything he worked so hard for? Will his team mates Antonio and Keith stay by his side or will they betray him? Will Tonya and Barbara succeed with their pregnancy schemes and trap the rich and famous men they have always dreamed of? Does the return of an old boyfriend, Larry, crush both their dreams? Wil wants Jay back and he will stop at nothing; including Ricky. Can their love sustain? Curtis and Carlton are incarcerated for life. Has jail changed them, or are they still the bad boys that got locked up for murder? Now that the guys are coming back from Chuck's tour, what will Ricky and Jay do when they find out Chuck's secret?
A Good Time In The HoodA Good Time In The Hood by Diesel King (Jan 16, 2010) Kindle Edition, Paperback ~ In the initial volume of this anthology, Diesel King presents a shocking revolution to the world of gay erotica. One that surpasses the comforts of lustful man-sex beyond the safe confines of Castro and Christopher Streets, and into the rough terrain of the various slums and ghettos that dots the landscape in between. A Good Time In The Hood is a collection of homoerotic adventures told and experienced firsthand by a strikingly handsome muscled man of color that truly enjoys sex with other men of color in these kinds of places. He revisits his most intimate accounts, starting with him and his homeboys running trains on all the neighborhood punks in the dilapidated housing projects that he once resided in. He then recounts "repaying" what he thought was a business partner through classic humiliation to turning out a quiet but sexually curious college student with the help of his former cellmate. In a surprise twist of events, he also finds himself sharing his wanton lust with two middle-aged brothers in the same night. He even took to mentoring a nineteen-year-old boy about the dangers of teasing grown men along so many other scorching hot narratives. Diesel King offers just a modest taste of the man and his numerous escapades within these pages. He does so with the sole purpose of whetting appetites and leaving everyone hungry for more. More Good Time In The Hood Diesel King (Books)
In Love with a Thug (Strebor on the Streetz)In Love with a Thug (Strebor on the Streetz) - Paperback (Aug. 21, 2007) by Reginald L. Hall ~ Other Formats: Kindle Edition ~ A controversial novel from critically acclaimed Essence bestseller Reginald L. Hall explores the attraction of dating a "bad boy" - from an entirely new angle. During college, Juan Jiles fell in love with Darrell, who convinced Juan to help him rob one of Philadelphia’s largest banks. During the heist, Darnell is killed, and Juan escapes with more than $175,000. After mourning the loss of his lover, Juan begins rebuilding his life and uses the money to open a popular celebrity hair salon.Then along comes Bryant Thompson, a street thug with drugs, drama, and deception in tow. Juan fall
Manhood: The Longest MoanManhood: The Longest Moan by L. M. Ross (Apr 1, 2007) Paperback ~ This is a tale of youthful ambition, of four cats on a mission to be nothing less than stars. Ty is a writer who pines for love. David is a dancer who burns with lust. Browny is a singer who yearns for the kiss of celebrity. Face is an actor whose role it is to emote the biggest of lies. Together, in the mean and rhythmic streets of New York City , they seek their fame, fortune and prize. Some want to know of love's ultimate sigh, and some find the rainbow. All find unexpected surprises in a story about dreams, lust, and the meaning friendship, the test of disease, and the definition trust. In a twenty year span, who among them is destined for true greatness?
The Moanin' AfterThe Moanin' After by L. M. Ross (Apr 1, 2008) Paperback ~ This is a story of David Richmond, a lost dancer struggling to reclaim his equilibrium after his core rhythm has been taken away by loneliness, disease and the death of his best friend. It is a look at his journey from promiscuous party animal to a sober, mentally stable adult by way of analysis.
The Long Blue Moan: A NovelThe Long Blue Moan: A Novel - Paperback (Aug. 1, 2002) by L.M. Ross ~ Tyrone Hunter: An aspiring writer, used badly by his first boyfriend, and sour on love forever. David Donatello Reilly: The effeminate son of a preacher who dreams of dancing and men. Faison Brown: A singer with the voice of an angel, but with a face not even a mother could love. Pascal Depina: A hustler heartthrob, not as talented as his trio of friends, but destined for fame. The four men meet as teens at The Performing Arts Academy in New York City, and form an uneasy alliance. Jealousy reigns, violence erupts, and love survives. Told in the ethnic-rhythm of New York City, Long Blue Moan is a stylish, epic tale of the lives of four intensely talented Black boys who become Black men. L.M. Ross has been published in Friction 2 and 3, Black Writer, BlackMale, Hammers, Hombres Latinos, Idulge, and Mandate. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Port Chester, NY. This is his first novel.
Memoir: Delaware County PrisonMemoir: Delaware County Prison - Paperback (Dec. 1, 2003) by Reginald L. Hall ~ Other Formats: Paperback ~ After committing credit card fraud at a local department store, 18-year-old Reginald Hall lands an eight-month sentence at the Delaware County Prison. What complicates his life as an inmate is his sexual orientation. In life, being gay is difficult enough; in prison, it can be a horrendous ordeal. Attempting suicide, taking drugs, and having illicit sex were only some of the self-destructive behaviors Reginald dabbled in. His only sanity came from family visits and frequent phone calls to relatives, especially his mother, his reaching out to God, and his few genuine friendships formed in jail, particularly with Lamont. This is not to say Reginald was an angel during his stay at DCP. He had plenty of jailhouse crushes, some of them inappropriate – like his infatuation with Teddy Cunningham. Teddy had it all: looks, money, respect, and a big love muscle that Reginald just lusted for.
Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute To E. Lynn HarrisVisible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute To E. Lynn Harris by James Earl Hardy, Terrance Dean, and Stanley Bennett Clay (Jun 1, 2010) Paperback, Kindle eBook ~~ The Intern by Terrance Dean is the story of Chase Kennedy's quest for what everyone wants, even if they do not admit it; real and mature love. That is, until he meets Quincy Thornberry, his new intern. Is It Still Jood To Ya? By James Earl Hardy highlights the relationship between Mitchell Crawford, a New York Times best-selling author and Raheim Rivers, actor and Oscar nominee. It is not what happens in the story that makes this such a great read, but what this story stands for. Is It Still Jood To Ya? examines trust, disappointment, forgiveness, and SGL (single gender-loving) issues as they relate to love and the entertainment industry. House of John by Stanley Bennett Clay : meet freelance photographer Jesse Templeton III. Jesse, recently burned by lust, finding himself on a sexcursion with a group of his male friends in the Dominican Republic. He planned to pay-for-play until he met Etienne Saldano, who changed the game plan. House of John is what all fairytales are made of.
My Man My BoyzMy Man My Boyz by Dwayne Vernon (Jun 15, 2007) Paperback ~ an intriguing story about men coming together as a family. Their shared lifestyle and compassion for each other is the back drop for this fast-paced drama filled with emotional moments and suspenseful plot twists. Tyrell and Chuck - Will this promising new relationship be destroyed by Chuck's secret past? Does his past have the power to wreak havoc on the interwoven lives of all these men? Tariff Struggling to uphold his lover's dying wish for him to find love again; he must come to terms with Demetrius, who waits in the wings. Can Demetrius be patient while Tariff accepts the love he has to offer him? Mike and Reese - The veteran lovers attempt to maintain their partnership while Mike deals with the rejection from his father, and Reese faces difficulties with getting his NFL career jump started. This mosaic of black men weaves a poignant tale through the chance encounters, human action, and past history of these eclectic characters. They all have their own issues to deal with, but the bond they share is unbreakable - or is it?
A Private AffairA Private Affair - Paperback (May 15, 2007) by Mike Warren ~ Other Formats: Kindle Edition ~ Sean is a muscle bound private in the military looking for an exciting change in his love life. As he searches, his bedroom becomes a revolving door; from his wife, to his lover, to his sexy new roommate. But eventually the door will swing wide open to reveal his erotic alternative sex life. He soon gets caught in a triangle of love, lies, deceit, and wild weekends, which will sway him in the wrong direction, and his exotic path will give the military a new reputation. He enters a world where his sexual interest has reached its peak, but the interest is out of the ordinary... Let s just say he will Be All That He Can Be. Will Sean get the best of both worlds or just simply turned out?
RomanRoman - Paperback (May 5, 2010) by Dwayne Vernon ~ Ronald Mantel aka, "Roman" a street hustler with an 11th grade education, is running the streets of Washington, D.C. Will the ultimate betrayal by Tori, the woman that he loves and Wink his right hand man keep him in the game or push him into the arms of the unexpected? Quentin gets caught up in the middle of lies, lust and love. Will he be able to survive or will the actions of others bring back the sins of his past? Spiders weave intricate webs but the lives of these characters become so intertwined to the point of no return. Who will survive this rollercoaster of emotions and bad judgments with their sanity and life intact! ((This is the third book I've read by D. Vernon and he did not disappoint me one bit with ROMAN. I must say I enjoyed every page. I like the action packed street thug drama with the gay twist. This is no E. Lynn Harris type gay novel by any means but it is sooooo entertaining. I loved it!)
Smoking CigarettesSmoking Cigarettes - Paperback (Apr. 2, 2005) by Reginald L. Hall ~ There's an old saying that one night of passion can lead to a lifetime of pain. Rashad's mother could not have said it better. Enter the world of Rashad Smith, a twenty-three year old, inner city, gay male who knows what he wants but doesn't know how to get it. After deceiving his lover Troy and engaging in a thrilling sexual escapade with his long time crush Paul, he would stop at nothing for Paul to keep their rendezvous a secret. But when Rashad turns to his psychotic brother for help, he finds himself entangled in a horrific web that not even he can escape. Living in a world of depression, unprotected sex, fast money, and murder, Rashad will do whatever it takes to find love and happiness. After meeting Calvin, a fifteen-year-old high school student, Rashad begins to pick up the broken pieces of his life not knowing that the love or at the very least the lust for Calvin is ruining him. Rashad learns that the man of his dreams has deceived him by partaking in more than just sex--threesomes on Fridays and foursomes for Sunday morning breakfast. From heartbreak to plastic surgery, Rashad will make sure that no matter what happens he will come out on top. But will his dreadful past come to haunt him in the end? Follow this sexy, fast-paced novel as a young man's life spirals downward to his doom. From the first sentence to the shocking conclusion, Smoking Cigarettes will have your mind overwhelmed with nonstop drama.
Sweet SwaggerSweet Swagger - Paperback (June 23, 2009) by Mike Warren ~ Other Formats: Kindle Edition ~ Back to claim what's his, sexy Sean Matthews is finally ready to confess the feelings he can't ignore for best friend, Cameron. In his mind, losing the man he's come to love is not an option. But little does Sean know, his newfound happiness will suddenly be threatened when he s accused and arrested for the ultimate sin...murder. Ride with author Mike Warren as he exposes the drama, unexpected surprises, mayhem and steamy sexual desires. This sweeping novel is both raunchy and mind-blowing. If you've read E. Lynn Harris or Mike Warren's first novel, A Private Affair, you will fall on love with Sweet Swagger!
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