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About the Author: Patrick Fillion (1973-) is a Canadian illustrator and writer of comic books with erotic homosexual characters and themes. He owns and operates Class Comics, Inc., which released a wide range gay-themed erotic comics. He continues to produce illustrations for several gay-themed publications, and has created artwork for numerous events and organizations.
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Erotic gay comics from Class Comics intended for adults only.

Books > Class Comics

Product DetailsLocus #1 - Single Issue Magazine (Mar. 21, 2011) by Patrick Fillion (Author, Illustrator), Robert Fraser (Editor) Colored by Golden Key. It's been a long time coming! At last, the lean, green sex machine gets his very own title! Taking place almost immediately after the events in Felinoids #3, Locus #1 finds our handsome green protagonist on the run from the Sektan Authorities and in hiding on the planet Suktamimus. Locus has broken the most sacred of Sektan laws, and now his life is on the line. Of course the authorities eventually catch up with our hero, and now they intend to take him back to Sekta Prime where he will be punished for his crimes. What follows is possibly the most amazingly creative sex Patrick has ever illustrated, coupled with a powerful and very current narrative that will resonate in almost every reader. This book also gives us our first look at how Locus and Camili-Cat originally met in an intimate and explicit look at their years on the dangerous streets of Darria. Fans have been clamoring for this title for years, and Patrick Fillion delivers the goods with absolute panache and relish. It s clear that he loves Locus and completely threw himself into this title to make it the most amazing book it could be. An absolute triumph, this book is an incredible, out of this world sexual escapade.
Angelface #1Angelface #1 by Benoit Prevot (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Aug. 1, 2008) More Angelface # (Books)
The Art of HvH by HvH (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Jan. 1, 2007)
Art of Ismael AlvarezThe Art of Ismael Alvarez by Ismael Alvarez (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Apr. 1, 2008)
The Art of Mike by Mike (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Apr. 1, 2007)
Boytoon AdventuresBoytoon Adventures by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Perfect Paperback Dec. 1, 2009) More Boytoon Adventures # (Books)
Brother to Dragons #1 by Francois Peneaud (Author) and Carlos Garcia (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Sept. 1, 2007) More Zahn # (Books)
Camili-cat (20th Anniversary Special) by Patrick Fillion (Paperback - 2006)
Camili-Cat Felinoids #3Camili-Cat Felinoids #3 by Patrick Fillion (Single Issue Magazine - Dec. 1, 2009) It's finally here: the senses-shattering conclusion to the smash hit Felinoids series, and it's ALL FILLION in his trademark classic style. Camili-Cat's quest to find other survivors of the Felinoid race is over. The planet Pillahr is populated by a number of erotically charged and aroused Felinoids. Soon Cam is reunited with Mina, the younger sister he thought he'd lost years before. ~ More Camili-Cat, Felinoids (Books)
Crash Course #1Crash Course #1 by Robert Fraser (Author) and TJ Wood (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Feb. 1, 2010) More Crash Course # (Books)
Deimos -Acts of Mercy (Deimos) by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Paperback - 2004
Deimos #1Deimos #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author) and Logan (Single Issue Magazine - Jan 1, 2008) The guardian angel charged with guiding Deimos in his missions to banish evil has been captured by an evil cult who once worshipped Deimos in his heyday as a demon of Hell. They plan to sacrifice Cardinal and will stop at nothing to return Deimos to his old, wicked ways. Will Deimos be able to rescue Cardinal, or will he ultimately cause the angel's death? This is an erotic gay adult comic chock full of scantily clad demons and angels written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Logan
Deimos #2Deimos #2 by Patrick Fillion (Author) and Robert Fraser (Author) (Single Issue Magazine - Sep 20, 2010) Deimos continues his quest for redemption, aided by an unlikey friend. Since Deimos is making headway in his efforts, Bob, the lord of all things evil has to call in the big guns. This could be a battle that even Deimos might not be able to win!
More Deimos (Books)

In the Blink of an Eye by HvH (Author) (Single Issue Magazine July 1, 2007)

The Initiation #2The Initiation #2 by Robert Fraser and Joseph Hawk (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Sept. 1, 2009)
The Initiation #1 by Robert Fraser and Joseph Hawk (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Feb. 1, 2008) More Initiation # (Books)
The Mark of Aeacus #1The Mark of Aeacus #1 by Charles Christensen and Mark Brill (Single Issue Magazine - Aug 1, 2007) Something wicked this way comes... Class Comics brings erotica to the horror thriller and presents a whole new way to keep you up at night. After a hot, anonymous hookup, a troubled young man finds himself the bearer of an ancient power with a history of brutality. As the bearer of The Mark of Aeacus, Jack goes deeper and deeper into a world of sex, murder and vengeance. Is he losing his identity, or just revealing a darker side of himself? Only time will tell...
The Mark of Aeacus #2The Mark of Aeacus #2 by Charles Christensen and Mark Brill (Single Issue Magazine - Sep 20, 2010) ~ More Mark of Aeacus (Books)
Naked Justice #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine June 1, 2006) More Naked Justice # (Books)
Crash Course #1 [Single Issue Magazine] Crash Course #1 [Single Issue Magazine] by Johnny Murdoc (Author) , TJ Wood (Illustrator), colors by Lizz Ventura ~ Crash Course is science fiction with a hard on! A fast-paced space adventure about Crash, a young man with a big dick and nothing to lose but his sidekick Rockstar. It’s a big galaxy filled with hot and hunky guys, spaceships, laser guns, and bounty hunters! Join Crash on the run as he tumbles in and out of beds, gunfights, and space battles. A chance encounter the well-hung Prince Kalen sets Crash on a course that will keep him moving but may draw the wrong kind of attention. With the help of Rockstar, Crash is prepared to take on anything that gets in his way. He never backs down from a good fuck or a good fight, and Class Comics' Crash Course has plenty of both!
Naked Justice Beginnings #1Naked Justice Beginnings #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author), Jacob Mott (Author) and Shemyaza (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Apr. 1, 2009)
Naked Justice Beginnings #2Naked Justice Beginnings #2 by Patrick Fillion (Author), Robert Fraser (Author), and Jacob Mott (Single Issue Magazine - Aug 9, 2010) NJ and his pals soon face two brand new villains... enter Vandal, a mean one who could be Naked Justice's evil twin. Someone VERY sinister with a deeply rooted hatred for NJ is pulling Vandal's strings. While he remains in the shadows for the better part of this issue, this demented secret villain has masterminded a diabolical scheme that will test NJ's mettle to the limit! All of this plus a very steamy medical exam fetish scene in which Felix gets a complete physical from the Unrivaled Alliance's physician! With script doctoring by Donald MacLean, this extremely exciting issue is gonna knock your socks off! ~ More
Porky #1 by Logan (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Apr. 1, 2006)
Porky #2 by Logan (Author) (Single Issue Magazine July 1, 2007)
Porky #3Porky #3 by Logan (Author) (Single Issue Magazine July 1, 2009) More Porky # (Books)
The Pornomicon by Logan (Author) (Single Issue Magazine May 1, 2006)
Rainbow Country #1 by Max (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Oct. 1, 2006)
Product DetailsRainbow Country #2 by Max (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Jan. 1, 2008) More Rainbow Country # (Books)
Rapture #2 by Patrick Fillion (Author) and Spubba (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Oct. 1, 2006)
Rapture #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Apr. 1, 2005)
Product DetailsRapture #3 by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Jan. 1, 2009) More Rapture # (Books)
Class Comics' RideHard RideHard by Alexander (Author, Illustrator) and Robert Fraser (Author) (Jul 30, 2012) Get excited for the the action loaded, spy on spy, thrill-filled comic called RIDEHARD, written and illustrated by ALEXANDER! It s a perfect homage to the James Bond recipe, while still being fresh and creative... and VERY HOT! Is it possible to have one comic include a super horny super agent, an evil mastermind with hung henchmen, multi-function watches, martinis and rocket shooting Aston Martins? Yes it is! And much more too! The story focuses on the main character, British Army Cadet Ridehard, Great Britain s newest (and hottest!) spy, and how he came to be. In the sensational first issue, we find our fresh cadet already in a sticky situation captured and orally drugged with a truth serum, enabling the villains (and the reader) to learn about his journey to becoming a spy. After a fateful meeting with Mr. Johnson, Director of the Royal Intelligence Ministry (RIM), Alex accepts a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the undercover organization. He soon discovers an exciting new world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos and a horny young office boy with the hots for the hard faced and hard nosed Director. Armed with tactical combat knowledge and an amazing array of gadgetry, Agent Ridehard prepares himself for his first explosive mission to save all of Europe from the dastardly Dr. Voyeur, an evil madman with his eye on world domination! Ridehard is packed with originality, fun gadgets & toys, great art, hot sex and plenty of danger! The art is dynamic and extremely sexy, and the story is mind blowingly exciting!
Space Cadet #1Space Cadet #1 by Bob Grey and Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine - Apr. 1, 2010) An erotic gay comic from Class Comics intended for adults only. Byron's story picks up right where Rapture #3 left off! Space Cadet has been transported to a mystical land full of centaurs, sprytes, male harems, evil lords and mystic warriors! After being thrown off course, he is rescued and wooed by Strider, King of the centauries. Strengthen by a mystical erotic ceremony, Byron is ready to continue his quest to stop the wicked Baron Von Phallus from taking over the land and destroying all within. Unfortunately the Baron is not unaware of our hero's plans, and brutish minions are sent to apprehend and stop him! Find out if they are successful in Space Cadet #1! ~ More Space Cadet # (Books)
Striptease #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Nov. 1, 2008) More Rapture # (Books)
Sworn #1Sworn #1 by C. J. Evans (Author) and Silvano (Author) (Single Issue Magazine June 1, 2009) More Sworn # (Books)
Tug Harder #1 by Butch McLogic (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Feb. 1, 2008)
Tug HarderTug Harder #2 by Butch McLogic (Author) (Single Issue Magazine Jan. 1, 2010) More Tug Harder # (Books)
Zahn #1Zahn #1 by Patrick Fillion (Author) (Single Issue Magazine - Apr 10, 2008) Welcome to the land of Varda, the home of Zahn, son of Winter! Immerse yourself in a place where powerful beasts, ancient magic and horny barbarians rule the land. Zahn's memory has been stolen by a dark magic connected to the evil that is ravaging his land. A quality erotic gay comic.
Zahn #2Zahn #2 by Patrick Fillion (Author) and Robert Fraser (Author) (Single Issue Magazine - Aug 23, 2010) Zahn is determined that in order to protect his beloved Varda, he will need an army. He and his newest ally, the mysterious Cauldron (whom Zahn meets in Striptease #1) journey to the dreaded Tower of Dead Dreams. There they hope to free a band of barbarians and warriors who will join their crusade to free their homeland from impending doom. ~ More Zahn BY Patrick Fillion (Books)
More Class Comics (Books)

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