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This holiday season, give the gift of sports. The Sports & Outdoors Store has everything you need for the camping fanatics, basketball stars, fitness nuts, serious cyclists, avid golfers, casual hikers, yoga beginners, occasional paintball players, frequent hunters, passionate poker players, and devoted swimmers on your holiday shopping list.
Adidas Pelias 2 FIFA Approved Soccer Ball (Light Grey/Red/Gold) ~ For players who hope to one day wear the uniform of Manchester United or AC Milan, they'll need to start practicing now.
Bell Radar Bicycle Helmet ~ For serious biking adventures or the casual ride in the park, a helmet is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone with a bike.
Bennington Golf 3-Piece Golf Travel Set ~ Golf is a great game, but unless your favorite golfer actually lives on the course, he or she will have to travel somewhere to play. This set will protect clubs from getting scratched up in transit and make it easier to move around.
Coleman 12 x 7 Montana 5-Person Tent ~ Weekend camping adventures with the family require a spacious tent; for small or larger groups, bigger is definitely better.
Coleman One-Person Inflatable Sport Kayak with Paddle ~ For the occasional kayaker or all-around adventurer, an inflatable kayak provides all the thrills without the need for a huge storage space.
Danskin 4-in-1 Foam Padded Barbell Set ~ If she wants to start using weights to tone her muscles but isn't fond of going to the gym, Danskin's barbell set can help out.
Delta Gauguin Two-Bike Rack with Wood Shelf ~ Ideal for the biker who can't stand clutter, this wall-mounted, folding dual-bike rack features an integrated wood-laminate shelf for extra organizing possibilities.
Flybar Model 1200 ~ Everyone wants to be able to fly at some point in life. The Flybar will get them a step closer to doing just that.
Game Face Vexor Backpack Paintball Kit : For the beginning to intermediate paintball player who's not ready for an expensive set with extra bells and whistles, Game Face's kit is just perfect.
HiPPO X-P2 Complete Kit (Men's, Right-Handed, All Graphite Shafts, Standard Flex) ~ A fresh set of golf clubs is a great gift to prepare your favorite golfer for sunny spring and summer weekends on the course.
Horizon T52 Treadmill ~ Walking and running in the rain and snow just isn't fun. Treadmills offer the health benefits of walking and running without leaving the house. Ironman's treadmill will go the distance for the entire household looking to get in shape without going to the gym.
HotZ Serradella 30322 Deluxe Stand Bag (Navy/Silver) ~ It'll be a lot easier on the course if he has a place to put his clubs and lots of extra pockets for balls and tees. HotZ's bag is just the ticket.
Karen Voight Body Sculpting System ~ For the friend who wants to start a low-impact exercise routine and get into shape but isn't fond of going to the gym.
Mongoose Scorch Men's 26-Inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike ~ Light up someone's holiday with a shiny new bike for the trails, casual trips around town, or anywhere else he or she wants to ride.
NEBO Sports Crown Ridge 65 Internal Frame Backpack ~ Designed for the serious hiker, the NEBO Sports Crown Ridge 65 is the perfect size for an extended weekend camping trip.
Nickent 3DX Hybrid Ironwood (Men's, Left-Handed) ~ Because he loves golf and Nickent's 3DX Hybrid Ironwood is the hottest hybrid on the PGA Tour, he must have it to improve his game.
PicPack Picnic Backpack (4 Person Set) ~ So that your friend will never be without a corkscrew or cutting board while on a picnic, this set comes well-equipped with all of the necessary items for an afternoon of wine and cheese in the park.
Polar F92ti Heart Rate Monitor Watch ~ With the ultimate combination of comfort, design, and sports functions, the Polar F92ti is a heart-rate monitor and sports watch ideal for the serious exerciser looking to lose weight or reach the next level of fitness.
Schwinn 418 Elliptical ~ By simulating motions experienced through walking, stepping, cycling, and skiing, elliptical machines allow for a smooth and fluid motion while building strength in the arms and legs. Who wouldn't want that?
Schwinn Tornado Men's 26-Inch Cruiser Bike ~ He'll love cruising around on Schwinn's Tornado with its smooth ride and nostalgic look.
Schwinn Tornado Women's 26-Inch Cruiser Bike ~ She'll love cruising around on Schwinn's Tornado with its smooth ride and nostalgic look.
Slumberjack Aurora 20 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag (Regular, Right Zip)~ Slumberjack's mummy-style sleeping bag will keep your favorite camper warm even when the temperature dips to 20 degrees.
Sportline 349 Step Distance and Time Pedometer with Holster ~ Walking will always be one of the best forms of exercise of all time because it requires few tools other than a comfortable pair of shoes--and a good pedometer to keep track of it all, of course.
SPRI Bob Greene Total Body Makeover Strength Training Kit ~ For the always-on-the-go professional who needs to exercise while on the road, SPRI's set is portable and effective.
Swiss Army SwissChamp with Bonus Fanny Pack ~ Ideal for campers, hikers, and hunters, this Swiss Army features all one could need for a day trip or overnight adventure, plus it comes with a bonus fannypack for day hikes.
Welcom WearEver WC04NS Deluxe Aluminum Hi-Back BackPack Chair ~ For hikers who also like picnics, this chair folds into a backpack (with room for a picnic basket and a small cooler) and has a headrest, cup holder, and other necessities.
Wilson F1534 NFL Team Logo Football ~ For the friend who just can't get enough NFL during the season, this one is great for autographs or just tossing around.

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